Hi There!

Thank you for checking out the site, so here is a little about us.

NXVisualsStudio has been around for a little over four and a half years,

I’ll start with myself, I’m Tony and the founder of NXVisualStudio, I have taken to promoting for a company Known as HitFilm property of FXHome Ltd, I’m a Visual Effects Artist and Audio Engineer to date but also a hardware engineer by trade.

NXVisualStudio is a place of education in the world of Visual Effect and Audio Creation, it’s goal is to help people just starting out, intermediate to advance, even better! It’s also integrated into the new NeonVisual website.

We are contributors to each other

NeonVisual is a close colleague/friend and we are currently working on the launch of his new site following rich content, tutorials and a great community for everyone to share knowledge, new material and promote who they are.

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TriemVisual is a friend and contributor to the HitFilm community, he has been a tester for the software since November 2014 and he is a great asset to the forum surrounding it.

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Void is a personally close friend that I have known since the days of college, He is a Sound Designer and Producer, currently finishing up at university for web development.

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A&V Artwork  He’s recent, yet has become one of the visual and audio creators for the BBC’s Doctor Who Minecraft – Doctor Who: The Fan Show .

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