Triem Visual


Hi folks, my name is Michael and you’ll probably know me from the HitFilm forums and YouTube.
At a glance, I’ve worked in the industry for content creation for many years, one of them being the legendary Jurassic Park films creating the SFX for the creatures and the atmospherics, Today I work closely with the HitFilm community as well as travel all over the states in America doing production work, this can be anything from pro Audio production live and post production to filming interviews and events on set and outdoor events.
What I really love doing is pushing the limits of a software company I hold dearly personal and proud of Called HitFilm by FXHome.
On here you will find many ambitious visual effects shots, behind the scenes footage of what it’s like being Triem Visual and some odd ball cat photos that we all know is the most important visit to this Blog, so Enjoy and feel free to subscribe to My YouTube channel 🙂

TIE Strafe--Action VFX Textures--Revised

Ghostbusters GO!

Spam Wars

T is for Tension

4th Doctor Triem Logo1080p (Final) Hitfilm Pro 3 Slitscan