No one would have believed in the 21st century that bug-eyed robots were being constructed to torment the timeless endeavors of the visual effects community, few Staff at FXHome considered the possibility that their software was being scrutinised and yet across the dark depths of the digital void, minds immeasurably superior

to ours carried on as though it was just like any other day, but slowly and surely, I drew my plans against them.

Nothing beats childhood, I can remember reading the original H.G. Wells novel from the age of around ten, and then the Jeff Wayne’s original musical version of The War Of The Worlds, and it did indeed send shivers down my spine, now I’ve gone in all guns blazing, it has inspired me that much that I wanted to include it within the tutorial series, originally I was going to use this example for creating really detailed starship phasers, but I was already in the midst of creating my own version of (The Eve Of The War) soundtrack reproducing some old with new and as always more aggressive in the composition approach.

Within this tutorial we take a look at using one of HitFilm’s universal weapons that really does set it’s self from the rest, in fact, it’s responsible for every effect within this series, forget displacement and fractal noise, what this does is produce fluent organic behaviours within the particle simulator, not only that, it’s incredibly efficient on the render engine, the whole series will be launched on the NeonVisual website on launch and available here for the FXHome community, though I’d suggest signing up to the new site as it will also be a place of learning for all levels – from multiple software vendors also you can sell/buy assets.

The music and tutorial tie in together for the Promo video (Music video) It starts as Jeff Wayne’s vision of the novel from the impending invasion and follows in waves, although it will only cover the first track of The Eve Of The War, it will display lots of blowing stuff up, However! It put a spanner in the works, as you can see this thing has three legs, trying to animate the tripod seemed almost impossible, maneuvering the leg’s and to walk without theoretically falling over involved walking as though one would walk with three legs (1Step-2Step-3Step) or (two front legs push backward while the back centre balances the return push) other than that, a majority will be panning shots of mass destruction.

Keep an eye out! This site is still in the progress of development and will continually have new features and content added.



3DS Max - Creating the Tripod - Click to view Timelaps Build

Creating Scene Assets (HitFilm) - Particle Emitter Alignment