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The only Tardis on the market designed to work flawlessly with HitFilms Render Engine
The included shaders/textures help you define what environment you’re in whether it’s raining and the wood is wet, battle scared, weathered/warn to the basic clean Tardis blue.

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Latest Projects

This was a fun project, not quite the usual work! Source is a fairly old game engine now but holds nostalgia when digging into the archives to find HalfLife Assets! among others, I took the map from Counter Strike – Global Offensive (De_Dust 2) and converted the map to be wavefront compatible ready for HitFilm to work some magic 😀

Latest Tutorial

Alembic animation files can be imported from your favorite software into HitFilm to create highly polished animated graphic design elements. Tony from NXVisual Studio dives into 3DS Max and HitFilm Pro 2017 this week to show you just how easy it can be!

The clock is ticking 

It’s finally over!

But does this mean you can’t sign up? of course you can! we had a lot of people join and we narrowed it down for the beta pool to have the first site testers! those who are testers will have something that merit them now and in the near future, This will be announced at a later date by Xander himself so keep an eye out for an Email 😉
If you are here because of the promotional youtube video it’s not too late, you can still sign up! Right now the site is undergoing critical testing, products are being uploaded and any issues are being addressed, We have worked extensively into ridiculous hours to polish up and rid of any bugs for V3.0.

What happens next?


NeonVisual V3.0 will have the testers products deployed over a given time period, 80% + products from the old NeonVisual site will be handed over to the new site, the forum as we speak grows and develops into a unique and powerful community system designed to allow people of all professions to stand out, not only is this a forum but it’s a tool to help get the product you have produced to the right buyer! it covers topics that are for the tech savvy to people wanting to learn and expand their knowledge in the tech field, so….
When you see an Email for the release of NeonVisual V3.1 you know you’re in for a treat!
For now I suggest you get your thinking hats on, get making and stand out,
we’re looking forward to seeing you.
Xander & Tony

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